Tournament Structure

As ’96 Trophy” will be a season of cricket that will take place in each province starting from Province I to Province VI (VI & VII Jointly). The participation of 8 clubs or academies will compete with each other in the group stage in a two-day game. The group stage will begin with 2 games through a lucky draw and the group winner will advance into the Finale. Similarly, the provincial winner will advance into the next round.

After the provincial tournaments, we will be hosting the winners into the grand finale to find the potent winner of the season. It will be the end of the season after 122 days of multiday cricket. This will revive the mindset and approach of players especially in 50 over the format that is being depleted by the shortest 10 and 20 overs approach by the players.

From the early days of the tournament, we will be focusing on a playable ground where 90 overs in a day will work out well according to the format of days cricket. The minimum 20 overs to maximum 50 overs of the 1st innings of each 2-day game will help players to use their skill and test their fitness level to advance into the higher stage in their career to follow.

We will commit ourselves to use the best red balls and proper umpires to make the tournament highly ranked from the initial days. We will be in more focus and would dedicate ourselves to provide good games for U-19 players to flourish and nourish them to the upper level of the game. This tournament will help cricket to develop and will definitely make Grassroot developments visible for everyone following as well as loving cricket in Nepal. It would be our pleasure to bring the best out of this tournament to develop a culture of proper cricket in Nepal.

Tournament Details

Format: 2 daysDuration: 1 year
Season: 1Days: 122
No. of games: 61Hours: 732

The tournament will be broadcasted live in the official YouTube channel of Nine Six Events Pvt. Ltd.

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