The Player’s Box: meet Suman Gatraj from Biratnagar.

When we planned to host an event in our rooms via cell phone in Damak and Kathmandu, little did we know what were we about to explore? We were planning a school-level tournament to begin the procedure once we set the name of our company with a mission to work exclusively at the grassroots level for the development of cricket in Nepal. Then, our discussion took a twist when a certain idea of the longer format, more time for the batters as well as players to set a gameplan for themselves sparkled us, and hence, the birth of our event “96 Trophy” happened.

The image of local clubs and academies wearing white dresses and playing with red balls started to hit our head and thus we marched to join the dots of our imagination. We decided to host a tournament that wouldn’t be as flamboyant as t20 from the outset but would definitely give some extra hours of thinking to all the players, coaches, and staff to explore more technical parts of the game. Today after months of completion of the event it’s relatively easy for me to type these words tackling all those challenges as well as obstacles of those wonderful times in Damak & Biratnagar.

We are proud to share some names who might get recognition if they will continue to groom as cricketers and chose cricket as their path to fulfill their dream of being a sportsman in such a tough period in which COVID is testing our will and capabilities to survive. Here, we are about to bring forward not-so-household names who have the potential to be household names in the near future. This section literally gives us satisfaction as we can clearly figure out our motive to host, organize and provide some valuable assets to Nepali cricket.

Hold your breath guys, here’s “The Player’s Box” to unleash the untold stories of some unknown budding talents of our country from province-1.

We begin with a right handed stylish batsmen, Suman Gatraj from Biratnagar Cricket Club & Academy(BCCA).

Our 1st impression of Suman left us in awe when he played a backfoot punch towards cover to a relatively good ball to begin his proceedings and there he was, Suman the stylish batter for all of us. We have a whole new section geared up to show his stats and averages in the tournament but before here’s more about the 16 years old and how he is molding his life to be right there where he sights to belong.

Can you please tell us your jersey number and why did you choose that specific number?

I am the follower of Sachin Tendulkar, I admire the way he played the game in the right spirit of it. So, I decided I am not worth it to wear his number hence as a follower I chose one step ahead as I want to move forward with his blessings. Therefore, I chose no. 11 as my jersey number.

  1. Where do you come from or the current address you’re residing ?

To begin with, I am originally from Mirchaiya, Siraha then Itahari and currently I stay in a hostel to fulfill my dream to play cricket in Biratnagar.

2. Tell us more in details about your journey to cricket in Biratnagar so far?

I studied in Mirchaiya till 10th standard and since my childhood, I copied some classical shots of Sachin, the way he used to hold his bat, his stance as well as head position. We used to play tennis cricket back home and I tried to transform myself so badly into some portion of Sachin which wasn’t easy and will never be easy as for me Sachin Tendulkar is always ultimate.

Then, I joined Gurans Academy and it’s just 3 years since I have played with a leather ball. I joined BCCA just after lockdown to get the proper guidance of Raj Kumar Pradhan sir who has taught me so many wonderful things to remodel my game.

3. Who is your cricketing inspiration or idol whom you follow everyday and What’s his/ her-favorite innings that you adore?

As I’ve mentioned before too, I loved and will always love what Sachin Tendulkar did on the cricket field. The way he used to play with ease and persona can’t be matched. The dedication and passion of the great Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and his cover drive and straight drive have a special place in my heart. For me, his 200* was the best ODI innings which I watch in the repeated mode on youtube as well.

4. Did you choose batting from an early age?

Yes, indeed Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the answer again as my dad followed him a lot and he used to make throw-downs with soft plastic balls and I used to enjoy to bat and that’s what I do now too. I love batting under any circumstance.

5. Who is your favorite Nepali Cricketer?

I’ve watched Nepal vs Namibia live on television a few years ago and watch one of the flamboyant innings of Paras Khadka and since then I have been following him on and off the field. PK77 isn’t just a name and he is an emotion for me too.

6. Where do you find yourself in few years?

undoubtedly in National team with national colors in my body. it will be the proudest moment of my life.

7. If chance given, whom do you love to face your opponent as?

8. Bowler from Nepal national team: Sompal Kami.

Bowler from international team: Jasprit Bumrah.

National team you will love to face: Nepal police, APF and Nepal Army.

International team you will love to face: Indian national team.

9. What does Cricket mean to you?

It means Life and Love both for me.

Suman is just the beginning of the coverage we found on the ground level. We have many more talents on the ground and everyone of them will be revealed by us in this section. Province -1 gave us a lot more talent than expected and we will promise to explore a lot in all seven provinces.

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