Player’s Box : Ankit fighting to make his name

The journey started back in 2006 when infant (only one and half-year-old) Ankit Subedi emphasized his father to buy a plastic cricket bat for him. The father had no idea what that game hold for his son. He still has no idea where it’s taking his son, but backing him with full courage and faith.

Ankit is currently leading his district cricket team, Jhapa. Despite failing to perform at a higher level, Ankit is inspiring hundred of players back in Jhapa.

Playing three matches for United Aadarsha Cricket Academy, Ankit was adjudged as player of the match each time in the recently concluded SunBi Nine Six Trophy.

Here, we present our short telephonic conversation with Ankit Subedi.

Take us back to the story when it all started?

– I was born and grown in a cricketing environment. My father is a cricket-loving person and it automatically transferred in me.

Initially, I used to play in my backyard (Bhadrapur). Although I had the desire and desperation to become a cricketer, I had no idea the pathway that I need to go through. Manoj Joshi, an uncle from my village, took me to Kakarvitta to enrol in Milan Cricket Club (MCC)

I used to travel more than 20 Kilometre daily on a bicycle to train in MCC. Later, after going through training under the watchful eyes of Biru Shrestha, Manoj Katwal and Lakpa Lama, I successfully made my way to the Jhapa Under-16 team.

What is your favourite cricketing moment so far?

– I’m fortunate enough to play alongside the likes of Sunny Pun, Mehboob Alam, and Pushpa Thapa. Besides this, I feel lucky to play under Manoj Katwal and Lakpa Lama

What is your favourite cricketing shot?

– Well, if I have to mention specifically, I will go with lofted cover drive and leg glance. These are the two shots, I feel confident while playing.

Which is your favourite innings so far?

– My innings of the 48-odd run wasn’t big by number in the Under-19 national match. But it gave me different satisfaction when I digged my team out of trouble, reeling at 12/6 in a must-win encounter. Besides this, the century in the Itahari U19 National match is close to my heart.

How do you analyse your consistent failure at a higher level?

– I’m still playing cricket at a higher level because I can stand there. I do not doubt my capacity, but I need to work on my mentality if I see myself performing. I’m working on that issue and the best version of myself is yet to come.

How is your practice pattern?

– Earlier, I used to focus only on netting. Moving on, I started to pick my weaknesses and try to take must out of every training session that I go through.

What’s your goal as a cricketer?

– Nothing more, just to play and perform for my country. That’s a very simple and clear goal.

Do you prefer playing against spinner or medium pacer?

– I love the ball to come in my bat, so I prefer facing medium pacers. But I don’t have any such issue against spinners too.

Which is your favourite format and why?

– I love playing One-Day format. It checks your patience as well as chance to express yourself at the same time.

Who is your source of inspiration to play cricket?

– My father is my biggest source of inspiration. I used to look after Rahul Dravid followed by MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh.

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