Our Vision

Nine Six Events Pvt. Ltd. is committed to bringing the multiday tournament culture to Nepal. At the current moment, due to the lack of long-format games and structure, a lot of promising talents are diminished in this white ball era of the game.

The technically sound batsmen and their presence would be the focal point of the tournament hosted by Nine Six Events. We are planning to host long format-based tournaments for women too so that their contribution and participation both will amplify. 

The decentralization of cricket will bring new talents from each province that will definitely grow the game beyond its extent.

At last, but not least, we will be happy in the future if players themselves would think about 96 trophies as a qualification booster for the next other tournaments in order to build a bridge to cross the river of failure and disappointments. Hence, we are not just focusing on this season but we are here building a future platform for our budding cricketers to give them more time and less freedom of all those fancy and cross-batted shorts from the way go. The bowlers would find their spot and nagging lengths rather than all those split fingers bluff that modern-day cricketers apply not to concede.