About Us

Nine Six Events Pvt. Ltd is a sports management company that will be dedicated to organizing sporting events mainly focusing itself on cricket.  The name nine six has been selected peculiarly in memory of the year 1996 when Nepal began its tour outside the home in cricket for the very first time.

The significance of that year has brought some remarkable changes in the way of playing and watching the game of cricket for all Nepalese inside and outside their motherland.

Nine six events will be dedicated itself to cricketing activities by organizing long-format games over the next couple of years across all the provinces.

The red ball and club cricket culture which had led the foundation for our cricket to get a start, is certainly in its lowest state since many years.

Nine Six events would like to commit itself to uplift the diminished culture including clubs, academies from all the provinces. The dominance of white-ball cricket has its toll on the long format players and our country is lagging behind due to our weak bench strength.

We are binding ourselves to organize U-16 and U-19 tournaments all over the country for both girls and boys starting from U-19 boys that will be playing with red balls and white dress.

The long format culture is the most important culture for the development of cricket and we, here at Nine Six will be heading our aim towards the development of cricket from the grassroots level in order to create opportunities for budding cricketers to get exposure through proper cricket matches of 2 days.

The amount of time of the format will allow the future generation of batsmen, bowlers, and fielders to apply themselves into the cricketing arena with all their basics and skill enhancement.

Nine Six events will be looking forward to completing cycles of matches in a calendar year starting from this year with an aim to flourish cricket all over the nation.

We are also committed to flourishing the events and structure that will be managed by dedicated professionals over the provinces so that the dedicated souls of districts or provinces could be benefited from the event that offers less glamour and more cricket.

The clubs and academies that works day and night for the development of players are lacking games or matches and loosing talents constantly.

Hence, Nine Six events will provide them with proper matches with proper structures for the budding players and generations under 16- and 19-years’ age for both boys and girls soon after the commencement of the tournament for boys in the initial year. Soon, we will be dedicated to organizing long format tournaments for the young girls too.

Our Team

Pranita Pokhrel is the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of the company. Her aim is to inspire a lot of girls to carry bats and involve them even behind the scenes in managerial positions. She is a determined individual who loves the game of Cricket inside out.

Abish Khanal is the CEO of the company who is a dedicated individual and a perfect choice for his position in the company. His vision and involvement have always benefited each one of us. He inspires a lot of young boys & individuals involved in the company by leading from the front.

Roshan Dhital being the Managing Director of the company continues his generous support right from the field level. He is present in almost everything offered by the company and it’s our blessing in disguise to have him as the Head of the company. Nothing matches his presence in all of the important decision-making of the company.

Amit Pokharel, the chairman and the founder of the company has always dedicated himself to cricket and cricketing events. His aim has always been to promote youngsters coming into the scene. As a Head of the group his contribution is to push the youngsters of this team forward and play a vital role in all necessary decision-making of the company for the betterment of Nine Six Events Pvt. Ltd.

Bijay Acharya, the Chief Operating Officer(COO) of the company is one of the influential parts of team management. His valuable inputs, decision-making skills will add immense value to the future of the company. We are glad to have him by our side.