'96 Trophy

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‘96 Trophy is designed to uplift and promote the club and academy level of cricket in Nepal. Basically, it is a season more than a tournament and a season consists of seven tournaments and 122 active days of club cricket in Nepal. The tournament will be played in a Two-Day format with a white jersey and a red ball.

The tournament will take place in Seven Provinces (jointly in Province 5&6 as they have a common Provincial Cricket Board) and the winner of each province will qualify to the main draw, i.e., National Level Tournament.

A maximum of eight clubs or academies can participate in one Province so that we can cover 48 clubs or academies in the first season and the number will keep increasing as the season goes on. The season will start from Falgun (Feb-March) every year, which means we will finish the finale till Magh 2078 and start the new season from Falgun 2078.

The winning team of a season will be rewarded with NRS. 2.5 Lakhs followed by NRS.1 lakh for runner-up. Man of the series will be benefited with NRS. 25,000/- followed by NRS. 10,000 for best batsman, bowler, and fielder of the season respectively. The man of the match for every match will get NRS. 500/-. The Provincial winner will get Trophy, Medal, Certificate along with their qualification to the main draw.

By the end of the season, we will provide a detailed report about how the event worked out and young prospects would be highlighted in the issues of an official magazine of the event that will be released soon after the tournament marked as “Season-1” of ’96 Trophy.

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