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The name nine six has been selected peculiarly in memory of the year 1996 when Nepal began its cricket tour outside the home for the very first time.

We are bringing the multiday tournament culture to Nepal.

Nine Six Events Pvt. Ltd. is a sports management company dedicated to organizing sporting events nationwide.

‘96 Trophy is designed to uplift and promote the club and academy level of cricket in Nepal. Basically, it is a season more than a tournament and a season consists of seven tournaments and 122 active days of club cricket in Nepal. The tournament will be played in a Two-Day format with a white jersey and a red ball.

Our Mission

Nine Six Events Pvt. Ltd. is committed to bringing the multiday tournament culture to Nepal. At the current moment, due to the lack of long-format games and structure, a lot of promising talents are diminished in this white ball era of the game.

Tournament Structure

As ’96 Trophy” will be a season of cricket that will take place in each province starting from Province I to Province VI (VI & VII Jointly). The participation of 8 clubs or academies will compete with each other in the group stage in a two-day game.

Official News

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To take part in the event as a player, your club/academy must register for the event.